Certificirana prva škola u Hrvatskoj prema Healthy Meal Standardu


Certificirana prva škola u Hrvatskoj prema Healthy Meal Standardu

<em>We will substitute sugar with honey, our students will eat more fruits and vegetables. We care about the wellbeing of our students and it is important to have an adequate nutrition in school. The next thing we want to achieve is to certify other elementary schools in Sisak to enable children to take good diet habits from our schools to their homes - said the mayor of Sisak Ms Kristina Ikić Baniček.</em>


Healthy Meal Standard is first of its kind, its a system which creates conditions for appropriate nutrition for all dietary needs of the individual. After the completion of HMS implementation the school was awarded with 2 Healthy Meal Standard certificates for a period of 3 years. We educated 42 employees, including 4 female cooks and we also adjusted their menus to fit all students dietary needs. 

“From this year on, students in all nine elementary schools will be served a hot meal, fruits and vegetables from local family farms. We hope that all schools will slowly start to educate and certify following nutritional guidelines. What it means is that we will substitute sugar for honey, that we will eat more fruits and vegetables. We care to have a quality nutrition in schools along quality teaching. Our next above standard we wish to achiveve is to implement these certificates in all elementary school of town Sisak, so the kids can take those healthy habits to their homes and families” – said the mayor of Sisak – Kristina Ikić Baniček.


Diana Gluhak, MSc of nutrition and the leader of initiative aswell as the owner of the brand Healthy Meal Standard said that not only will the employees be educated we will also educate parents, for the certificates that were implemented in the school. “It is important to highlight here that this is the first school in Croatia that has implemented Healthy Meal Standard. We all have a goal for our children to eat food that is tailored to their needs” – concluded Gluhak.

 “Healthy Nutrition” is a tendency of this school and this town. From their young age children should be taught about healthy diet, and this is the standard that provides these values. Implementing new way of diet is no additional cost to because we replaced all the unhealthy groceries with new, quality and healthy groceries. Cooked food is served in the morning for the children, so there wasn’t any big change there, but for the afternoon lunch there are no more candys, and chocolate spreads only healthy spreads which are made in our kitchen” – said the principal, Ms Vesna Šebek.


Healthy Meal Standard (HMS) certification is a result of sucessful cooperation with Nutribullet initiative who financed refitting of the new school kitchen, while the town Sisak financed tables and chairs for the dinning room.